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Table 5 Predicted probabilities of educational mismatch in the current job for selected degrees

From: Mapping the (mis)match of university degrees in the graduate labor market

  No mismatch   Horizontal
Individual of reference 78% Individual of reference 2%
Medicine 99% Journalism 14%
   Political Science and Sociology 15%
   History and Philosophy 25%
  Vertical   Vertical and horizontal
Individual of reference 6% Individual of reference 14%
Management and Economics Studies 19% Labor Relations 40%
Business Studies 28% Social Work 45%
  1. The individual of reference is a 30–34 years old man with no Master’s degree. The sum of the probabilities in the four situations is equal to 1 (100%)
  2. The odds practically do not change when considering women graduates
  3. Source: author's calculations