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Table 2 Synoptic table summarizing the main characteristics of the clusters

From: Youth unemployment and employment trajectories in Spain during the Great Recession: what are the determinants?

  Stable employment trajectory Non-salaried employment trajectory Temporary employment trajectory Precarious trajectory
Most characteristic events experienced during the recession (above-average) Stable employment Non-salaried employment Temporary employment Short odd jobs
Experience of unemployment during the recession Never unemployed Never unemployed Short-term unemployment (less than a year) Long-term unemployment (one year or more)
Socio-demographic characteristics of individuals in the cluster 30–34 years old
Education: Post-compulsory secondary; higher
Born in Spain
Parents: Scientific, intellectual and liberal professions
30–34 years old
Born in Spain
Parents: Business owners and managers
20–29 years old
Parents: Skilled and semi-skilled workers
20–29 years old
Education: Compulsory or less
Born abroad
Parents: Low-skilled workers
  1. Source: Elaborated by authors