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Table 5 Dependent self-employment, by changes in characteristics, year-on-year

From: Dependent self-employment: workers between employment and self-employment in the UKAbhängige Selbständigkeit: Arbeitskräfte im Graubereich zwischen Beschäftigung und Selbständigkeit

  DSE Entrants t − 1 DSE Leavers t
Self-employed, Employees 199, 82 318, 104
Number of customers   
One 4 1
More than one 189 262
Do not know 6 29
None 190 302
One, or more 9 16
N 199 422
  1. Note: Sample limited to workers who were interviewed in the March survey of the BLFS in two subsequent years – approximately one fifth of respondents are interviewed in the fifth quarter after their first interview