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Table 5 Wrong leave spells

From: Does the IAB employment sample reliably identify maternity leave taking? A data reportKann die IAB-Beschäftigtenstichprobe benutzt werden, um Erziehungsurlaub verlässlich zu identifizieren? Ein Daten-Report

  West, Germans West, Foreigners East
No restrictions 49.43% 50.00% 45.22%
N 17,387 1,814 1,068
Preferred restrictions 55.40% 52.46% 56.80%
N 2,195 284 131
  1. Note: The table restricts the sample to leave spells in the IABS that are not due to childbirth, and reports the share of spells that can be linked to an activity other than childbirth (such as sick leave) in the Pension Register. The first row refers to all leave spells that are not due to childbirth. The second row imposes the preferred restrictions, i.e. women younger than 18 and older than 40, spells shorter than 2 months, spells that start on the first day of a month, and spells that are preceded by a spell of unemployment are deleted from the sample. The third row displays the share for spells that start on the first of a month.