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Table 2 Descriptive statistics: wage levels and wage changes of skilled workers

From: Wage gains from foreign ownership: evidence from linked employer–employee data

  Mean St. dev. Observations
Wage levelsa
 Employer = MNE 309 288 7,937,675b
 Employer = domestic firm 143 161 12,023,947b
Wage change upon leaving an MNE for a domestic firmc
 Mean − 57 146 42,479
 Median − 26   42,479
Wage change upon leaving a domestic firm for an MNEc
 Mean 64 126 46,590
 Median 39   46,590
Wages of domestic firm employees with recent outside experienced
 Previous employer = MNE 171 193 963,075a
 Previous employer = domestic firm 118 122 3,557,788a
  1. aWage in month t relative to the national average wage in month t, per cent
  2. bPerson-months observed in 2003–2011
  3. cThe figures relate to persons moving from MNEs to domestic firms and vice versa. Mean earnings in the receiving firm is compared to the same worker’s mean earnings in the sending firm. Wages are deflated with the national average wage in the same month
  4. dThe figures relate the mean earnings of domestic firm employees with previous outside experience to the mean earnings of incumbent domestic firm employees, percent