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Table 1 Generated and modified variables

From: Preparing the sample of integrated labour market biographies (SIAB) for scientific analysis: a guide

Variable name Short description Do-file
Age Age (in years),
Begepi Split version of begepi
Begepi_orig Original version of begepi
Cens 1 if right-censored/imputed wage, 0 otherwise; (4 EUR below assessment ceiling)
East 1 if workplace in East Germany (incl. Berlin); 0 if West
Educ Education (university and uni. of applied science combined), imputed based on Fitzenberger et al. (2006)
Endepi Split version of endepi
Endepi_orig Original version of endepi
Industry1_destatis Industry; 1-digit; Statistisches Bundesamt; based on w93_3_gen
Industry1_estpanel Industry; 1-digit; IAB establishment panel; based on w93_3_gen
Jahr Year,
Limit_assess Contribution assessment ceiling
Limit_marginal Marginal part-time income threshold
Limit_assess_defl Contribution assessment ceiling, deflated (2015)
Limit_marginal_defl Marginal part-time income threshold, deflated (2015)
Marginal 1 if marginal wage, 0 otherwise
Nspell Nonparallel spell counter
Occ_blo Blossfeld occupations
Parallel_benefits Indicator for receipt of UI benefits
Parallel_jobs Number of parallel jobs
Parallel_wage Total wage of all parallel employment spells
Parallel_wage_imp Total imputed wage of all parallel employment spells
Wage Daily wage, not imputed, top-coded wages replaced by assessment ceiling (−4 EUR), deflated (2015)
Wage_defl Daily wage, deflated
Wage_imp Imputed daily wage, deflated (2015)
Year_days_benefits Total days benefit receipt per calendar year
Year_labor_earn Total labor earnings per calendar year
Year_days_emp Total days employed per calendar year