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Table 4 Overview of questionnaire items covering job search efforts

From: The social stigma of unemployment: consequences of stigma consciousness on job search attitudes, behaviour and success

Question Answer
Now we would like to know what you have done in the past 4 weeks in order to find a job. From where have you gathered information on jobs during the past 4 weeks? Have you…
A. Looked through job advertisements in the newspaper? PASS—persons’
B. Looked through the employment agencies’ online job market?
C. Searched other internet sources?
D. Asked family and friends?
E. Got information from the placement officer at the employment agency?
F. Got information from a private job placement service?
G. Other, namely (open):
And how often did you do this in the last 4 weeks? “daily”, “several times a week”, “weekly” or “less often”? 1 Daily
2 Several times a week
3 Weekly
4 Less often
Please continue to think about the last 4 weeks. How many hours did you spend on average each week looking for jobs? 3-digit open answer
There are after all other ways of looking for a job
I will now read out various activities to you. Please tell me, whether you have performed these activities during the past 4 weeks, and if so, how often?
A. Replied to job advertisements?
B. Placed an “employment wanted” advertisement with the newspaper?
C. Asked for a job at the company itself?
D. Submitted your application even though no job opening had been advertised?
3-digit open answer
  1. English version is official translation provided by PASS